Voltage Rectifier

A voltage rectifier, designed and manufactured by Monex GeoScope Pty. Ltd., has been added to the terraTEM suite of products.  The voltage rectifier has been designed to provide 6 kW, 120 V, 50 A output and is the ideal rectifier to guarantee the necessary stable, ripple free current for the full range of Monex GeoScope’s transmitters.  This includes the internal transmitters for the terraTEM24 (50 A, 120V), terraTEM (15 A, 24 V) and the terraTX-50 external transmitter (50 A, 250 V).  In addition, the voltage rectifier outputs a clean, filtered 24 V suitable for powering either the terraTEM24 console or terraTX-50 console electronics.  And the output stability of the voltage rectifier is not disturbed by the fast turn-off times available on the Monex GeoScope transmitters.

The 6 kW system accepts either single or three phase input power. Three phase power requires a suitable distribution board.  Voltage output is either controlled from a front panel dial or via a RS32 serial connection with the terraTX-50 or terraTEM24 transmitters.  Furthermore, there are multiple safety features included within the voltage rectifier.

With the housing rated to IP67, dustproof and waterproof, the external dimensions of this system are: 607 mm x 475 mm x 275 mm, with weight of 25 kg.

Included accessories are a high voltage output cable,  and three single-phase AC input cables. A console power output cable is provided with the terraTEM24 and terraTX-50.

Contact Monex GeoScope Pty Ltd at sales@monexgeoscope.com.au or your local sales representative for further information on this product.

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