terraTX-50 External Transmitter

The terraTX-50 is a high power field transmitter capable of delivering 50Amps to a transmitter loop, designed to be used in conjunction with a terraTEM unit. The period is controlled by the terraTEM24, terraTEM or the optional inbuilt GPS synchronisation module within the terraTX-50. The ramp and the full Tx current waveform are directly inputted into the terraTEM24 or terraTEM. This makes the terraTX-50 simple to operate, freeing up operators from inputting key system parameters into the console after each sounding.

The transmitter current and turn-off time depend on the transmitter loop resistance and inductance, along with the input voltage. Inbuilt damping resistors allow the operator to tune the response through a wide variety of loops typically encountered in geophysical and geotechnical surveys. However it is important to note that the transmitter and receiver must not be connected to the same loop (i.e. do not use in single loop mode).

The terraTX-50 base system comes complete with the console, battery pack (designed to hold 2 x 12V batteries), battery charger, 5m synchronisation cable, loop input cable, Tx output cable, console power cable, three battery interlink cables, and an operation manual on CD. Optional enhancements available for use with the terraTX-50 include a 200m synchronising cable supplied on a reel which is to be used in place of the 5m synchronisation cable, and inbuilt GPS or crystal synchronisation modules.

The optional GPS or crystal synchronisation module is an inbuilt module which is mounted internally within both the terraTX-50 and terraTEM24 or terraTEM with no noticeable weight increase.  The outer dimensions of both consoles remain unchanged.  The GPS or crystal synchronisation modules link the transmitter and receiver consoles, to provide a trigger waveform and to transmit bipolar waveform respectively. This option has been designed with the goal of keeping equipment compact, intuitive and operationally simple. The GPS synchronisation modules greatly simplifies field procedures for fixed loop, downhole surveys, and in-loop surveys when cable synchronisation is not possible or practical. It also allows multiple receivers to be synchronised to the same transmitter.  With the GPS synchronisation, there is no requirement for the receiver to be anywhere in the proximity to the transmitter, even during the initialisation stage.

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