terraTEM Transient EM System

The terraTEM is a robust transient electromagnetic (TEM) survey system which provides high resolution conductivity imaging. Applications for the terraTEM include mineral exploration, near surface applications including geotechnical and engineering investigations, groundwater and salinity studies, and environmental surveys.

The terraTEM design team worked in the geophysical industry for many years before bringing the terraTEM to market. Utilising their combined experience in both fieldwork and interpretation of geophysical data, the design team implemented numerous improvements addressing recognised shortcomings in many commercial TEM systems. Additional improvements has put the terraTEM at the forefront of TEM systems. The terraTEM was the first commercially available system to recognise the importance of providing customers with a large, easily viewable screen for rapid on-site assessment and review of transient data. In addition, the incorporation of USB capabilities has greatly simplified the process of data transfer.

Designed with both the transmitter and receiver within a single portable case, the terraTEM system is a reliable, convenient platform for completion of quality TEM soundings. The base system comprises a single console housing both a single receiver and a 15Amp 24V transmitter. A single battery pack for the 2 x 12V batteries is provided for powering the system, along with a 24V battery charger (240V). Power, transmitter, receiver and interface cables are included. Also included are a USB memory stick for data transfer, stylus for operating the touchscreen in hostile environments, and a CD containing all manuals and the data reduction program.

The user interface is controlled by a capacitive touchscreen with the ability to connect to an external mouse if preferred. The screen is a 15” LCD panel allowing for the clear display of acquired data and all acquisition parameters. Menus are clear and concise, which allows for rapid data acquisition with minimal time lost to learning a new system. Standard software includes a comprehensive suite of diagnostic system information along with oscilloscope and single shot capabilities for quantitative assessment of ambient noise from the receiver.Data can be viewed in various formats depending upon user preferences. Also included as standard on the terraTEM are profile and decay plotting capabilities for in-field data review and quality control.

Available hardware options include expansion of the single receiver channel to a three channel system. This option allows for simultaneous sampling at 500kHz of three component transient data. The internal transmitter can also be upgraded for faster turn-off. An internal global positioning system (GPS) can also be fitted to provide location information for soundings. Further hardware options include an external 50A transmitter (terraTX-50) with either cable, GPS or crystal synchronisation. A three component downhole induction probe (VECTEM V) and B field tool (MAG-Pi) are also available.  In addition surface receiver coils (TRC-1 and TRC-3), and a surface B-field sensor (TR_B) are also available.

Software upgrades include continuous acquisition mode, signal averaging algorithms, digital signal processing and spectral analysis. The data processing can also be upgraded to include conductivity depth pseudosections. Contouring of gridded data and data editing can also be completed on the terraTEM. Saving of various displays for later insertion into reports is also available.

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