terraTEM Specifications

  • 500kHz sampling on up to three simultaneous channels.
  • ±10V input voltage.
  • 20 channel internal GPS for location information.
  • 15″ colour capacitive touch screen as the user interface.
  • Ten gain settings from 1 to 8,000, along with an auto gain ranging option.
  • Intuitive menus which allow rapid transition between setting the acquisition parameters and displaying acquired data.
  • Automatic storage of system parameters.
  • Oscilloscope and full waveform modes for diagnostic purposes.
  • Recording of transient response, Tx current, turn-on and turn-off times, internal temperature, and reference voltages.
  • Export to standard TEM formats.Multiple time series including user-defined for sampling the transient response.
  • This can also emulate time series from other manufacturers if required.
  • Standard stacking along with more advanced signal processing algorithms for rejection of ambient noise.
  • Advanced software allowing for standard profile and decay plots, as well as apparent conductivity pseudo-sections and contour plan maps.
  • Data storage in 8GByte solid-state memory which allows for storage of up to 1,000,000 soundings.
  • USB port for data transfer.
  • RS232 port for external GPS or external control of terraTEM console. This can be used for integration to third party items using RS232 communications.
  • External battery pack, designed to provide 24V power, allowing for 6-8 hours of continuous operation.
  • Operating temperatures of -20 to +45 degrees Celsius.
  • terraTEM console measures 53cm x 38cm x 17cm, weight 13kg.
  • terraTEM battery pack measures 28cm x 25cm x 18cm, weight 12kg (when loaded with 2 x 12V batteries, not included in purchase).
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