VECTEM Downhole Induction Probe

vectem-w-terratem-v1The three component downhole VECTEM V receiver probe is designed to be used in conjunction with the terraTEM24. It is available as a 42mm outer diameter tool. The VECTEM V is connected to the terraTEM24 via a four core cable which provides power, communications, and signal monitoring.

The Z component follows the physical axis of the borehole and is equivalent to a standard axial probe. However X and Y components are orientated to provide cross-hole data; they complete an orthogonal set of axes perpendicular to the borehole (Z component). Automatic corrections for rotation are applied to all data, and transformed to U, V, and A axes, allowing for data to be plotted, providing profiles for anomaly recognition and interpretation. It measures probe rotation and tilt of each sounding. Probe temperature is also monitored.

The VECTEM V unit comes supplied with the probe, serial interface unit, a short test lead replacing an extended winch/cable assembly, a connector from interface to winch, and an operation manual on CD. Additional cables and winches are options which are available for purchase.

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