terraTEM Receiver Coils

The terraTEM multi-turn receiver coils (TRC) are designed to be used in place of largTRC ver sideviewXe receiver loops,  placed either inside or outside the transmitter loop with the measurement point being at the location of the TRC. The compact size of the TRC receiver, measuring just 0.6m x 0.6m x 0.33m, makes the multi-turn coils convenient to use, and is available in either single component or three component form with the latter requiring the multi-channel receiver option to be fitted to the terraTEM.

The TRC-1 provides a single component, usually oriented in the Z direction whilst the TRC-3 can be used to obtain three orthogonal components simultaneously. Each TRC sensor contains a pre-amplifier which is powered directly from the terraTEM console. The TRC sensors are designed to provide an equivalent reception to that of a 1000 square metre single turn receiver loop by compensating for their much reduced area with multiple turns of wire plus electronic pre-amplification.

Optional enhancements for use with the TRCs include a 100m connecting cable supplied on a reel, and additional cable lengths to a maximum of 300m.

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