terraTX-50 Specifications

  • 250V loop input voltage.
  • 1 – 50Amps output current.
  • Bipolar waveform with 50% duty cycle.
  • Fast turn-off time (i.e. 40 microsec at 50Amps into a 50m x 50m loop; 8 microsec at 10Amps into a 50m x 50m loop).
  • Cable (5m) timing synchronisation as standard.
  • GPS and extended cable (200m) optional for timing synchronisation.
  • Convection cooled using heatsink with an optional fan for additional cooling.
  • terraTX-50 console displays information including the loop input voltage and loop current information, as well as overheating and over current warnings.
  • terraTX-50 console includes inbuilt overload protection.
  • External battery pack, designed to provide 24V power to the console, allowing for continuous operation throughout the day.
  • Operating temperature of -20 to + 50 degrees Celsius.
  • terraTX-50 console measures 46cm x 36cm x 16cm, weight 10kg.
  • terraTX-50 battery pack measures 28cm x 25cm x 18cm, weight 12 kg (when loaded with 2 x 12V batteries, not included in purchase).
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